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There are spoilers for the film if you haven't seen it.

When I first saw Dracula Untold for the first time, well....lets just say that I thought it was great! But the second time, which was tonight, I kept seeing error all throughout the movie. So I was like:

Each time I saw something that basically went against what Vlad (Luke Evans, Fast & Furious 6, The Hobbit series) had said a previous line ago. Like when Vlad kills the Sultan Mehmed (Dominic Cooper, Captain America: The First Avenger), Mehmed says something along the lines of, "Vlad the Impeller." Vlad replies, "No I'm Dracula...son of the Devil." Then a little later when the other Vampires are wanting to kill the son, Vlad spears one of his Generals, while saying,"Do you forget who I am?" and impales him into the the ground, where the guy just disintegrates and blows away in the wind.

That is the face right there! Some of the history wasn't right either(which I did realize the first time I watched) including the fields of humans. History tells it that Vlad would grease poles up and stick the victims, rectum first. Then gravity did the rest. Thousands..thousands of those poor souls...horrible way to go!

But Vlad still had a wife and son that didn't feel disgusted by the fact that their husband/father rectum-killed people? I don't know...I'd personally have a hard time with that!

Then at the end of the film, which is suddenly nowadays, Vlad stumbles upon a lady who looks alot like his wife, tells her some poetry, kisses her hand, and then tell her that his name is Vlad...I thought it was Dracula? They walk off together. Then the Master Vampire (Charles Dance) is shown, walking after them, saying,"And so it begins." Over five freaking hundred years pass and now the Master Vampire wants to take revenge on the Demon who turned him into the Master himself? Five hundred!? Really! They could've done it in that time! But whatever I guess. Vlad and whats her face go have some sweet:

kind of sex business I'm guessing.

The End!

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