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MJ Knight

I will state first off that I did not watch a lot of Vice back in the day, primarily because I was into Knight Rider a lot more. But the few episodes I saw of Miami I got the vibe that this was a grittier cop show but it could be more colourful in places and the chemistry between Don Johnson & Phillip Michael Thomas was magic.

So, where was that magic in this 2006, bland, gritty, boring adaptation with Colin Farrel & Jamie Foxx as Sonny Crockett & Ricardo Tubs respectively?

I felt that there was no love for this picture as the characters were lifeless and nonredeemable with the exception of Foxx as Ricardo did little speaking in the TV series and when he did it was meaningul. That is the same here as Jamie is just a world class actor that can make anything look good and he makes his role shine through well. But whoever told Farrell that he was Sonny Crockett could not have given him worse career advice. Colin's a decent actor, but he was horribly miscast in this picture as he did not have the charm nor charisma of Don Johnson.

If you happen to see this flick as an option on Netflix or in a DVD/Blu-ray bargain bin, take my advice and do not invest in this movie. You'll get ripped off.


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