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One of the few reprising aspects about JP3 are Sam Neil returning for the first time since the first movie as Alan Grant and the evolution of the Velociraptors with the heightened communication skills and the feathers that the males now sported. I still feel a little fazed seeing Raptors with feathers, but that's science for you, always coming to stir the pot.

The writing is nowhere near as solid as the original 1993 picture, which even by today's standards holds up amazingly well with movies that have come since that masterpiece.

With this 3rd installment I got the sense that they were really struggling to find something that could keep the franchise fresh yet at the same time make you feel like this was a Jurassic Park movie that you could get into.

I thought robbing the T-Rex of his man-card within the first 30 minutes was just asinine. The Spinosaur was a force to be reckoned with, I will admit that, but T-Rex was the draw for Jurassic Park. In the same manner that Stone Cold Steve Austin & CM Punk were the draw for the WWE in their respective Eras.

The fight, for the little amount of time it was there was fierce and gruesome but the Rex was done away with in moments. Like you went to go take a coffee break and find out your fave dino is out for the count.

That didn't make any sense to me. If you were going to have a Rex Vs Spino battle at least save for the middle of the movie or near the final act so that the Rex's defeat and death would mean something. To have it served up as cannon-fodder just to put the Spinosaur over was just wrong creatively.

Special and visual effects were first class as always, but that said when you're dealing with ILM and the then Stan Winston Studios, you know you're getting your money's worth and then some because those studios always turn out Grade A results.

But the writing is what lets this movie down in spades. It did not have the charm and magic of the first 2 movies and that makes if feel hollow in some respects which is not what you want for a JP movie.

I think it made sense that a fourth movie would be delayed for some time after this train-wreck, but 14 years to wait for Jurassic World was a stretch. But that said it was 500 times better than this.


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