ByKeenan Krum, writer at
Keenan Krum

while Ridley Scott made me like the character of Spartan Locke in halo nightfall these trailers and new info on the guy are really starting to make me hate him. so personally i hope chief reunites with Cortana and blows lockes brains out. then Johnson and the arbiter come out and stand with chief TRULY beginning the reclaimer saga as mentioned on the back of the box for halo 4. BUT WAIT THERES MORE! the camera doesn't actually show Locke dying, it only shows chief holding the gun and pulling the trigger from the view point of lockes helmet cam. because Locke took off his helmet and chief shot it instead of him thus letting him live as long as he stops his crusade against the chief. but you dont find out until the next game that Locke is still alive. the explanation as to why chief actually shot the helmet was because ONI was watching and listening to them, you see because chief had something he wanted to tell Locke privately (of course the next game will hint at what it was chief told him via flashbacks you see as you progress through the game) and so this leads to Locke GETTING HIS OWN GAME so kinda like pokemon you have to buy both to get the whole story. anyway that's what i think.


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