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I had to remind myself I wasn’t playing the Last of Us or watching an episode of the walking dead in the middle of the movie because it does seem very familiar

This is a bit like amazing Spider man 2 where they promised all the answers and shit but nothing was there, although this movie is a sequel it doesn’t explain how the world became into one big Sahara desert that’s the only desert I know so yeah. And why they were in the maze and just wanted to get that outta the way but I guess they can justify that by saying u are in the main characters shoes not knowing what the fuck is going on exactly. That being said let’s move on Maze runner 2 is about them getting outta the maze then getting outta of another facility that supwise supwise is Evil and them just travelling through this wasteland coming across allies and enemies.

Scorch Trials is a sequel to Maze Runner which turned out to be a surprisingly fantastic movie with a terrible sequel bate ending. And here they got a sequel and it’s certainly not as suspenseful or intriguing as the first one. As the new environment of the outside world just looks like a huge mad max dessert with a lot of fu*ked up buildings, And this is sort of an introduction to that world along with the factions and different kinds of groups that inhabit this land.

The characters are the same group from the first movie with some casualties and a few new characters that although aren't the most original of characters they play their part in the story and all have their time to shine.

And certain aspects seem to have been borrowed from those titles. Outta nowhere fu*kin clickers come outta nowhere. and this is essentially Hunger Games, Walking dead and last of us rolled into one which isn’t a bad thing and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie but it still kinda stand short of hunger games catching fire and other descent book to movie adaptations. The actions were very well done by Wes Ball and they were probably the highlight of the whole movie and there are several. Making these scenes awesome and really intense at times, There is also this one drug induced party scene that just felt outta place.

Other than the pacing everything else is just you know everyday action movie bullshit with no real interesting characters except for GUS FRING His character was OK I just Gustavo(Breaking bad Reference). Pretty good performances and at the end it just ends up being dare I say generic.

The one thing I thought this movie did well was balance several story elements smoothly like having to follow the group through the land coming across other people and all that but also the big evil corporation and the zombie I mean walker or you know clicker infection that seems to be going on so yeah the pacing and action is the best part.

I will anoint this film 7 Last of Us Copyright Lawsuits out of /10.

Even at its most generic points it’s still entertaining as hell and quite a good sequel in my opinion. Alright here’s the next and final Maze Runner right I HOPE.


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