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[Full spoilers to follow. If you haven't seen the third episode, don't read this article.]

Last week, Heroes Reborn made his start and already a lot of reproaches were made about its two-hours pilot. It seems that this third installment mark the real start of the series.

This episode opens in the Arctic, where we met for the first time Melina (Danika Yarosh) and her Aurora Borealis powers. There is not much to say about it yet, but this storyline will reunites with the rest of the show. We have to think of it like the eclipse in Heroes Season 1, if you've seen it.

A lot of events happened to HRG (Jack Coleman) and Quentin (Henry Zebrowski) this week. They are for now the characters the more connected with the bigger picture right now, and thus the most interesting to follow. The mystery around Noah wiped memories must be something big. What would possibly scary Molly Walker (Francesca Eastwood) so much that she would prefer be captured by Renautas than stay with Noah. All of this is tied with what happened in Odessa: how Claire died ? What is Hiro's involvement in all of this ? This storyline is the most interesting and mysterious part of the show so far.

Almost everything ties to Renautas in this episode. Miko's storyline become way more interesting this week with the introduction of Erica Kravid (Rya Kihlstedt), the head of Renautas and her right-hand man Harris (Cle Bennett). Erica, quickly realizes that Miko's sword is in fact Hiro's katana that makes us wonder: what is the link between Hiro and Miko ? Her father, Hachiro Otomo must be important to comprehend this connection. We also discovered Harris' abilities. He seems able to regenerate and create copies of himself. So what does it mean ? Why EVOs are working against other EVOs ? There must be something we don't see yet about Renautas plans. After watching the pilot, I was very sceptic about this Japan storyline but this week it was a very compelling story to follow. And I look forward to see what's next.

Some stories are still apart from the rest of the show. For example, Luke and Joanne weren't really interesting this week. Apart from some flashbacks with their son that helped humanize them, we didn't learned much. Except, of course, for the revelation about Luke's powers. I talked last week about a fallout between them that will happen eventually, and I think we found the reason. While I'm starting to comprehend Luke (Zachary Levi) and empathise with him, I just don't like Joanne(Judi Shekoni), there is nothing good about her that could help understand more the character.

Likewise, Carlos (Ryan Guzman) story didn't move forward this week. We were just introduced to a new antagonist in the person of Captain Dearing (Dylan Bruce). This just helped put a face on his brother's killer, who turned out to be an EVO with super strength. I loved Dylan Bruce on Orphan Black and I look forward to see more of his character. Right now, I don't know what is going on with the cops. They want to capture EVOs but to what objective ? Are they working with Renautas or do they have another agenda ? This is too blurry right now to even theorize about it.

The stakes are clearly rising in this third episode. With Renautas now controlling Molly Walker's abilities, EVOs are going to be put in an even bigger danger. The mystery about Renautas plan and HRG lost memories already raise a lot of questions and will keep the viewers entertained. Even if there is still weak spots, Heroes Reborn is starting to show us the true potential of its story.


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