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American Horror Story and Lady Gaga (her earlier albums) are cool.

Sometimes combining elements can lead to combustion.

As an actress, Lady Gaga has appeared less than stellar. A good performer on stage she may be. Her role in Machete Kills was somewhere in the realm of forgettable. If you've seen her acting with Beyonce in the "Telephone" official video, it seems sub par, to put it politely. Horror movies from the early 80's had better acting.

It just seemed years, or more appropriately, decades behind what the horror shows of today present, especially a several time Emmy nominated/winner like American Horror Story.

To date, no actor/actress has had their name superimposed over the title like Gaga's had in the trailers leading up to the shows premier. That's quite a burden to bear, especially since she's essentially filling in as a leading role for Golden Globe and Emmy winner Jessica Lange.

Multiple Emmy winner Jessica Lange
Multiple Emmy winner Jessica Lange

If you've seen some of Lady Gagas music videos, they can get pretty damn weird. You may have as much an idea as what's going on in them as I do if "clown porn", or "pterodactyl porn" or "clown with pterodactyl porn" was Googled. Just see "Bad Romance" for reference.

It seems a shoe in that American Horror Story, with their way out their scenes, would accommodate to Ladys Gaga very well, so hopefully, it can provide a familiar setting in which she can perform to her best ability and feel comfortable in.

The question is: will that be enough?

Even in her role as La Chameleon in Machete Kills (a role which seemed was tailor made for her), her acting was forgettable. That's not to say it wasn't good, it just wasn't memorable. Some lee-way should be given to a pop star, but when it comes to being a lead in a huge show, the best actor/actress should be given the chance.

American Horror Story has had a solid fan base since ever since Murder House which has only grown with each passing season. There's another Creator on movie pilot (who will remain nameless) that...let's say, we have a difference of opinion on what the best AHS season is so far. Freak Show was the best season yet, as far as I'm concerned. It had as many dark elements as Asylum did and, not quite as many, but a few of the light moments that Coven had. And really, who cares how dark the show gets??!! The name of the show has Horror in it.

To bring it in, the biggest Horror in the show would be if Lady Gaga drops the ball as if it were her Monster tour.

Will Lady Gaga provide, not only a credible acting role but a stellar one, or will she hang herself out to dry?


Will Lady Gaga knock it out of the park or will she trash Hotel?


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