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The new James Bond movie, Spectre, is due to be released soon. We all know that the Bond theme songs are just as iconic as the movie itself. So when it was revealed that Sam Smith was writing the song, Bond fans everywhere became slightly worried. When he revealed in a radio interview that he wrote it in 20 mins, bond fans were increasingly worried. Now that he has released the song, the fears of many Bond fans have been realised.

The song is called "Writing's on the wall" Sam Smith, take a listen on iTunes or Spotify, or on youtube below.

We have nothing against Sam Smith or his songs however this is so clearly not a Bond calibre song. If you are a fan of Smith and are blinded by your own "love" of everything he produces then sure, enjoy it, but please don't ruin it for Bond fans. It has caused a major uproar on the internet and it is our job to save the honour of the opening credits of what is promising to be one of the most significant chapters in James Bond movie history.

The application of this song to the opening credits of the latest Bond film is clearly the sinister work of SPECTRE in an attempt to reduce the enthusiasm of fans and sabotage James’ latest mission.

While we all admit that there have been some pretty sad efforts used as Bond movie themes in the past (e.g. Die Another Day and The Living Daylights), there have also been some pretty awesome songs that are as loved today as they were when we first heard them (e.g. Live and Let Die, Nobody Does it Better and Goldfinger).

While the upcoming movie again focuses on one of film’s most iconic heroes, it will also reveal one of film’s most iconic evil organisations SPECTRE. This is a major milestone in the latest series of Bond movies starring Daniel Craig. An iconic movie from an iconic franchise with the iconic secret agent and revealing the iconic league of villains requires nothing less than the serious attention of an iconic musician / writer / performer.

The opening song to such a blockbuster requires the deep understanding of what this film is all about and what the audience is to expect – the song should reflect a strong sense of fear and aggressive intimidation that will be ever-present with the villains combined with the fierce determination and never-give-up attitude of a hero that everyone is familiar with and depends on, plus invoke the powerful and overwhelming realisation of just how big and dangerous this latest villain really is.

We need to make some noise to stop the theme song, before it is released. The director Sam Mendes and the production company MGM need to act quickly to save themselves from destroying the legacy of Bond theme songs.

There are so many highly talented music legends out there that would absolutely love to have their song permanently cemented in Bond legend. Please listen up all you songwriters out there – James Bond needs your special skills to save him in his latest mission.

Meanwhile, we desperately need to get the message through to ‘M’ (Mr Mendes) that Sam’s song is going to put James’ latest mission at great risk.

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