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Before I get started, I just want to say that I have not seen this or any of these movies. I have it, I just haven't ever gotten around to watching it. That being said, I think we could possibly get started...But first, in the wise words of Ricky Bobby(Will Ferrell) himself:

When the first Paranormal Activity came out, we could say that it was some what of a hit movie but, as all horror films go, people end up being all like:

after the first scary thing happens..or when they get home, and are all alone. One might tend to start hearing things...seeing, or fell like someones behind them, maybe even feel like someone is in bed with you? On the walls perhaps:

Right? You ever get that felling Sir? Madam? You never know.

But any who when the film came out people were scared. Scared that something might get them. Like the story my Uncle told me:

He and my Aunt knew a couple who had taken their daughter to go see it, and she pissed her pants. It was fine...until they got home. The teenager started feeling like she was seeing things, so much so that she slept with her parents...for months...for months! Yeah months! They slowly weened her out of their room, and I think everything is better now. She might be a little paranoid ever since, and might not ever watch a horror film again.

Yes hilarious...It might not seem that way to you, but it was to me at the time.

There is also that fun little maze game. Its always fun to watch these videos on YouTube, especially hilarious when the guy punches a hole right through his screen. The video is bellow: The particular thing starts at 1:12.

The End!


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