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Hey guys! It's been a while, so let's get right to it! Should DCEU's Wonder Woman have an accent? Watch the video here!

I believe there will be 3 trailers for Batman vs Superman.

Since you guys watched the video, I explained some of the basic reasons of Wonder Woman having an accent. There's not much to say actually, so let's move on.

Is The DCEU Wonder Woman Wearing the One Piece?

Pure speculation, not much backing it up! After a few theories went wild on the internet, all moviepilot writers have been considered to have false information and are untrustworthy. One thing to remember is us writers like to share ideas, opinions and theories based on what we see online and what we gather. I'm not all some writer are not outrageous (some of them are).


The skirt looks like it's hiding the one piece assemble and from the way the skirt is styled, it slightly resembles it.

Here's the Entertainment Weekly cover.

Anyway, that's a small detail I noticed. The costume will go through change in the DCEU. I like quite a few of the actually, especially Darkseid War!

Aside from that, I plan to do more videos, so stay tuned!

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What do you think? Leave a comment below!

WAIT, It's ! The hero I chose today is Black Widow.

See ya!


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