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MJ Knight

This movie is absolute bonkers and it does not care and that's what is so appealing about it. It throws logic, physics and realism out of the window and what we are given for 31 minutes is a movie that knows it's audience are those that want mindless action, slapstick humour with campy side characters and a protagonist that is just a complete badass from start to finish.

David as Kung Fury is just a treat to watch as he does little talking and when he does he uses classic cheesey one-liners that many might cringe yet laugh in hysterics at the same time.

This movie is a huge example that the audience is tired of the material that Hollywood has fed with the gritty realism since Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins.

That's the key thing; this movie does not do realism and that's what I think movie makers have forgotten - the audience go to a movie to escape reality. Reality is a dull, boring and depressing place and going to see a movie like this is to help them forget their problems for a while and allow them to relax.

Kung Fury does this and more and that is why I am listing this is as the best movie of 2015.


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