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Let's get it out of the way.

Even before I read a single comment about how Apocalypse appears on any forum or in person, I saw the first leaked photos and thought what apparently the world did and asked "why does he look so much like Ivan Ooze?".

Pretty much.
Pretty much.

Apocalypse is probably the biggest threat to the X-men. He's the sort of villain that, while fighting a different villain, the X-men have to say "Truce. This Apocalypse guy is way too big and crazy for us to handle and if we want to stand a chance to survive, we all have to team up. Even then, we still might get whooped up on". See Age of Apocalypse as a reference.

If you aren't familiar with the Mythology, think of Apocalypse is to the X-men as to what Thanos is to the Avengers.

It was disappointing as Hel to see the first leaked images of Apocalypse.

He was about the same height as Storm and a couple inches taller than Psylocke, rather than the 11 foot tall behemoth we see in the graphic novels.

Almost needless to say...he seems weak sauce.

He looks like he just smoked a lb. of government grade weed.

It seems if Wolverine cut one of those cords attached to his head and chest piece, some serious damage would be done.

SPOILER image ahead

And I'm not even mad about it.

Thankfully, a new image was just leaked that showed Apocalypse may be mutating into something more close to the archetype that we have in our heads as Apocalypse.

Smart move. Just the name Apocalypse means "complete destruction of the world" or "destruction on a catastrophic scale": hardly what the above image depicts as being capable of.

*Image removed for copyright claims*

This is the Apocalypse we want. No lenses, pupils, etc mouth extensions leading into the head, and all around much improved from the initial photos.

Whether Marvel decided to change his appearance due to the amount of backlash, in particular the Ivan Ooze comparison, or if it were already in the planning of the film, I don't know.

It is definitely a welcomed sight, and if the film is as good as Days of Future Past, then it should be a huge Win.

Which version of Apocalypse do you like better?


Who does this guy look like?


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