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Josiah Jacob
Having a connection to another Jedi is not damning. As for Anakin, the kid was hugely powerful in the force. He had to either be trained, or killed most likely, because Jedi consider all other force traditions a threat, and all force users MUST conform to Jedi standards. That's why force sensitive children are removed, by force if needed, from home the instant they are discovered, and with only a few exceptions, never have contact with family again. No, he was a skilled Jedi, but a piss-poor teacher. 4) Boba Fet had no reason to go after Owen and Beru, unless sent by Vader. And Storm Troppers manage to kill everyone just fine.... except for heroes. 3) Vader never looked because he thought Padme and the kids died. Why would he waste time and resources checking out a backwater world just in case his aunt and uncle were up to something? 2) Han shot first. If you think otherwise? No, this is a family friendly environment. I won't say what I was going to say. Let's just stick with "Han shot first" and Lucas is a fool. As for him being force sensitive? Very likely. Anyone even slightly important in the Star Wars Universe is either a force user, or has been retaconned to be one. But bear in mind that all life connects to the force, and that means that, in the right conditions, anyone can use it, even if to a very limited and subtle degree, and without knowing it. 1) they're a primitive hunter-gatherer society. do you think they never hogtied an animal before to carry it back to camp to cook? And besides, if they had eaten people, that doesn't make them cannibal monsters. Humans are not their species, so what's the harm?

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