ByNathan Pino, writer at
For the most part I happen to like these Moviepilot articles. Granted a lot of it is pure click bate and often incredibly misleading. As it has been pointed out though this article warned it had news of a confirmed death to report it ended up being nothing more than a "slightly" educated guess as to several people who could die. This is frustrating to say the least. However the reason I keep coming back to this site is that it does generally have some knowledge about shows and movies that I didn't know. The recent articles dealing with upcoming Marvel and DC projects have been quite good. The best thing about these has been the fact that they are only educated speculation and advertise themselves as such. Ok one Last thing. This is seriously one of the worst sites I've seen in terms of editting. Nearly every single article I read contains typos, mispelled words, and incomplete sentences that just straight up leave out words that would make it make sense. In the begining of this article you said " there are few characters we have gotten better than Jesse" but surely you meant to say gotten to know better. Its stuff like that. Just read it over a few times before posting it will ya!! Anyways I know this isn't some major professional publication but just take a little pride in your work, check it for errors and try not to be So misleading in you advertisements and headings and I'll keep tuning in. Deal?

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