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Halloween is almost here!

Everybody enjoys a special creepy and spooky atmosphere at this time of the year. The stores, the trick or treaters, the movies, the parties and, of course, the costumes ! Nowadays, we dig into pop culture and horror movies to make our costumes but what about the beginning of the 20th century ?

Back in the days, people couldn’t afford to buy a disguise stemming from a big horror franchise and there were no horror movies to draw inspiration for a costume. People were making masks with some cardboard, paper and tissue. These masks were more terrifying than those we can find today.

Here’s a selection of the most bizarre and disturbing photographs of people wearing masks. These vintage pictures will make you shiver!

1. This hurts my eyes baaaahd

2. Just a little photo shoot, nothing creepy

3. Not a bunny I want to pet

4. Faceless frights

5. Well, look at those cheekbones

6. I'm not cuddling your pet

7. It's hunting season

8. Mirror, mirror... have you seen my face?

9. Blackface is not okay in ANY form

10. Yes kids, you can have ALL of the candy, just please go

11. Butterface speed dating

12. He's crushed by the news

13. All of the not happening and nope

14 Pumpkin poop emoji ghosts?

15. Yeah, this mask is still creepy today, too

16. The Crow has come back

17. You belong in a pig pen!

18. Yep, this is what they call death, I'm sure of it

19. Alcoholic granny

20. Hanging out in the wrong crowd


What about you?


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