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Satanism and Cats

Warning: Spoilers

Series 1 focuses primarily on Nick Cutter's team's mission to predict and control the Anomalies and learn why they are happening, and on Cutter's search for answers about the disappearance of his wife Helen.


Eight years after his wife Helen disappeared, evolutionary zoologist Professor Nick Cutter - along with his friend Stephen Hart, his geeky student Connor Temple, zookeeper Abby Maitland, Special Forces leader Captain Tom Ryan, and government officials James Lester and Claudia Brown - discovers that mysterious rifts in time and space called Anomalies are allowing creature from across Earth's history to run rampant in the present; and the group subsequently become a Home Office research team tasked with predicting the Anomalies and containing the creatures which come through them, and learning more about the Anomalies and why they are happening.

However, Cutter secretly has an agenda of his own about the Anomaly operation: as the team investigate the Anomalies, Cutter begins to find more clues that imply his long-missing wife Helen is alive and living in the past on the other sides of the Anomalies. The rest of the team eventually learn of this, and that Helen is indeed alive and in the past, but she has been greatly changed by her time there and her study into the Anomalies, and the team are uncertain which side she is on. Eventually, Helen seemingly allies with the team to find and contain an Anomaly in the past to the future and to combat a deadly predator from the future which is on a killing spree in the present; but while Nick and Helen are searching in the past for the future Anomaly, Nick discovers that Helen only wanted to find the Anomaly and see the future, and after Captain Ryan is killed, Nick returns to the present. However, there, Cutter finds that Claudia Brown has been erased from the timeline while he and Helen were in the past.

Episode 1: A sighting of a strange creature occurs on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean, leading a small team of scientists and government officials to investigate it. They find a Scutosaurus in the forest and discover a time anomaly that leads to the late Permian period, 250 million years ago. The team soon realise that a Gorgonopsid also came through and they must find it before it kills anyone.

Episode 2: After a London Underground cleaner is fatally bitten by some type of giant insect, James Lester (Ben Miller) brings the team together to investigate. They find another anomaly that leads to the late Carboniferous, and a colony of Giant Spiders that have come through. Using powerful lights to send the spiders back, the team are then attacked by the true killer. An Arthropleura, which bites and poisons Stephen Hart (James Murray). The race is now on to extract a sample of venom from the giant arthropod to synthesise an antivenom before Stephen dies.

Episode 3: A man at a local swimming pool is killed by a Cretaceous Mosasaur when an anomaly appears there. But when the anomaly disappears and reopens several miles away in a reservoir, Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) realises that the anomalies have the ability to move, and his theory is confirmed when the anomaly opens for a third time in a residential basement, where a plumber is attacked there by a Hesperornis. When the team find proof that Cutter's wife, Helen (Juliet Aubrey), is alive in the past, Cutter is ordered through the anomaly to find and bring her back.

Episode 4: Helen escapes from custody at the Home Office by taking the team to an anomaly that unleashes a flock of dodos. These dodos are carrying deadly parasites capable of infecting humans. Unknown to the team, Connor Temple's (Andrew-Lee Potts) friends, Tom (Jake Curran) and Duncan (James Bradshaw), capture one of the dodos, but when Tom is infected by the parasite and goes on the rampage, Cutter and the team must find him before they have a pandemic on their hands.

Episode 5: A Pteranodon turns up at a golf course, and a golfer is killed. Cutter and his team go to investigate and find the anomaly up in the air. The team track the flying reptile down to send it back to its time, but Cutter and Claudia Brown (Lucy Brown) become trapped in a mansion by a swarm of bloodthirsty Anurognathus. As Cutter goes to get help, Claudia finds salvation in the unlikely hands of Helen Cutter.

Episode 6: Helen Cutter returns and informs the team that she has seen a highly evolved predator from the future enter the present day. After dispatching the adult creature, Cutter and Helen decide to take its young back through the anomaly in the Forest of Dean, hoping to locate the anomaly to the future, a decision that proves to be a mistake when the creatures break free. Upon his return to the present Cutter is shocked to discover that Claudia Brown has disappeared and apparently never existed in this world.

Best Episode: Episode 6

Worst Episode: Episode 4

Best Creature: Future Predator


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