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Avengers age of ultron is a comic book action adventure masterpiece in my eyes, but to many people this film was disappointing and they say that it did not live up to the hype and its not as good as the first avengers but I think it's better than the first avengers form 2012 and honestly I don't understand that at all I think that avengers age of ultron is how you do a sequel right and I will get it to that in a bite.
The movie. 5/5
Avengers age of ultron is a comic book action masterpiece and it really does improve form this first avengers liked said earlier. Now lets start out on what this movie improves on. 1. The characters, the characters is this film have more to do and they have a bigger threat to face ultron and a way bigger responsibility to take care of in this film. And there are way more characters in this film as well, and I have heard a lot of people complain about there is to many characters and there are to many things all happening as once, and well it's a comic book movie and its a team up film with all this hero's and villains in it, and its the kinda thing were there is a lot of things happening at once but its the good kind were your just enjoying it and its awesome to see on screen. 2. The action. The action is so well done in this film, there are so many awesome slow motion shots in this film and you probably remember this but in the first film you know that amazing shot were they show all the avengers doing what they do best all in one take and there is about or maybe even more than 10 of those incredible shots or takes in this film and that is truly amazing to witness. So yeah those are what they improve on in this film and you ment be saying to your self right now well Parker that's only 2 things that they improved on that's barley anything, well actually when you see the film those 2 things do really make the film better and more fun to watch.
The good.
The action is amazing, the characters are more complex and have a truly interesting past/ backstory to them that you are just dying to find out and see what it is, and it's also has great camera work or cinematography and its just so breath taking and every fun to watch. The story is well though out and very well done this time around and what makes this film better than the first avengers is that in the first avengers the first 30 minutes is just a little bite boring and I found my self yawning a few times during that part of the film and I never found Loki as a great villain but ultron is really good and he's a perfect villain for the avengers to fight right next to thanos which I am so excited for in avengers infinity war part 1 and 2.
The bad.
There's not that much for the bad at all. There a few lines or jokes that just falls flat but again that is just a simple net pick. So overall avengers age of ultron is amazing, now we finally get to review the blu-ray and sorry for that long intro I just needed to get some things out of my system.
The picture quality 5/5
The picture quality on this blu-ray release is truly breath taking and so cool to look at and the picture quality is worth the price of the purchase alone.
Sound quality 5/5
The sound for this blu-ray release is fantastic it's big load and booming so way don't you just show what your blu-ray can really do.
Special features and extras 3.5/5
The special features are good but not great.
·Audio commentary by the director Josh Wedin and sorry If I spell some name's wrong. And the commentary is basically like a making of documentary is very interesting and very well done.
·Form inside out making of avengers age of ultron 20 minutes long: Is a making of documentary and its ok I guess it's only 20 minutes long and kinds interesting but not great.
· The infinite six 6 or 7 minutes long: and its about the 6 infinitely jems and its very interesting featurate and probably the best out of all of them.
·Than there is a 3 minute long feature about them a going across the world on locations and its ok I guess.
· Gag reel is cut but it's not gona make you laugh so hard your gonna wet your pants.
·Deleted and extended scenes and cool and I wish that are was a directors cut with this blu-ray release there not one so whatever.
Final verdict/score and overall score recommendation. 4.5/5
Avengers age of ultron arrives on your blu-ray/dvd self on October 2nd and which was yesterday, and you can watch it and have a great experience but they blu-ray is good but not great and what really is just so disappointing about this blu-ray set is the special features there poor and not all that good I guess it's just a mixed bad the picture quality and the sound quality is a perfect 5/5 for me. So overall I am going to give avengers age of ultron blu-ray a 4.5/5 and its comes in highly recommended.
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