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This is my first post on this website and I figured I'd start with something easy: A fan-cast.But first, let me tell you some stuff about me. I'm a huge film enthusiast who loves Marvel and DC. I have so many opinions about films and now I've finally found a way to express them. I'm also obsessed with the oscars and celebrities, so you might be seeing a lot of that. But now, let's get back to what we were doing. After hours of scouring the internet, I have finally found people who would be the most ideal choice to play these characters. Keep in mind, I won't be doing just superheroes. I'll also be doing villains and minor characters.

First Things First, Moon Knight: Tyler Hoechlin

Sorry that the photo is so big.
Sorry that the photo is so big.

I don't know a lot about Moon Knight. Like, at all. But I figured I should at least fan-cast him since I'm fan-casting everyone else. All I know is that Moon Knight is a psychopath ex-billionaire who fights crime. Or something like that. The thing about Tyler Hoechlin ,is that he gives me an uneasy feeling. I don't know why, he just does. I could totally imagine him as a vigilante psychopath.

Next Up...

Ghost Rider: Norman Reedus

Thank God it's not as big as the last one.
Thank God it's not as big as the last one.

Yeah, I know, he's kinda old. But he just has that look about him. He's very rugged and handsome, and I have the feeling he can play a very mean motherf**cker. And since Marvel Studios has the rights to Ghost Rider, this could be a possibility. He also voiced The Punisher once.

The next one is kind of a cutie, but could still pull off playing...

Blade: Trai Byers

Why Is It So Big?: A Novel by Me
Why Is It So Big?: A Novel by Me

The casting in the original Blade movies was spot-on, so it'll be hard to except anyone else. But Marvel Studios now has the rights to Blade, so a TV show is inevitable. And if there's a possibility of a Blade TV show, I'd have to pick out TV actors. Like this guy, who stars the hit TV show (that I don't) watch Empire. This fan-cast took along time to figure out; who could replace the amazing Wesley Snipes? But when I saw this guy, I don't know what I felt. I could just imagine him hunting down vampires.

Iron Fist (A.K.A The second most difficult hero to fan-cast): Harry Shun Jr.

I can read minds, you know. I can tell what you're thinking. You're thinking that this guy is to young. But the joke's on you, he's actually 33 years old. And pretty cut too. Ya know, I'm a supporter of race swapping. As long as it works. Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch? That works. Tom Hardy as Bane? That works. And this will work too.

And just because I hated the Mandarin in Iron Man 3...

Daniel Dae Kim as The Mandarin

After I watched the Marvel One-Shot Hail To The King and found out that the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 wasn't the real Mandarin, i was super excited. That means the real Mandarin is still out there. A real menacing, Asian, honest-to-god Mandarin. Just so you know, i may have gotten this wrong. I can't tell the difference between Chinese and all the other Asian ethnic backgrounds.

You all knew this was coming!

Mathew McConaughey as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

I'm just going to be like everyone else and cast this guy as Norman Osborn. You wanna know why? Because he's the perfect choice! I literally cannot imagine anyone else as Norman now that I've imagined it. It was meant to be. My other choice would be Mads Mikkelsen,who was just born with an evil face; but there's that rumor that he might play a villain in the Doctor Strange movie, so i had to pick someone else.

Gwen Stacy: Dakota Fanning

This was a bit last second because I accidentally picked out a Disney star first. Ew. Anyway, About Dakota Fanning. She is a two years older than our Spider-Man, Tom Holland(who is 19). She looks a bit like our last Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone.

Mary-Jane Watson: Madeline McNulty

Since the confirmed age for Peter Parker in the reboot is 15, I'm wondering why I picked her. She doesn't look 15. Oh wait, I know why; It's because she has that look about her. Like she was meant to play a comic book character. Like she was meant to play Mary-Jane Watson.

And finally, my pick for our favorite inter-galactic, butt-kicking superhero...

Yvonne Strahovski as Captain Marvel

She has the look. She has their the hair. The only thing she doesn't have is the body. If she is ever cast as Captain Marvel, she'll need to bulk up. Like, a lot. Our Captain needs to be huge and intimidating. But I believe that Yvonne can change for the part.

So, this is it. My first post. I hope you like my choices; Give me feedback in the comments below. I might do some more fan-casts for the Fantastic Four and the DCEU if this does well.


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