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7. Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley aged 23, she's funny good looking and a pretty good actress. She is known for the let down of a movie in my opinion Divergent, the heart warming movie The Fault in Our Stars, the dramatic The Descendants and and the funny The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She plays the protangonist in all of three of these movies. She also has big roles in multiple other films such as The Descendants playing as the main protangonist daughter. She has 3 upcoming movies that look like they could be good. She's capable of playing many different like romance, action, adventure, sci-fi, drama, mystery and comedy. Shailene made the list because she is a pretty good actor getting the main roles is some popular teenage movies. My favourite movie by her is her under rated movie Spectacular Now which I thought was her best performance because of her compelling acting.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence aged 25, She is a talented actress and has stunning good looks. She has been a main protangonist in many films such as The Hunger Game movies, the funny Sliver lining playbooks and Serena. She also had big roles in other movies like the new action packed x-men movies and the great American Hustle. She has won over 11 awards for her brilliant performances and was nominated for many more. She has 5 upcoming movies that look very promising. Also you know an actors good when they get cast as a big part for the x-men movies playing mystique. She's a very open actor being able to play different parts for different genre of movies like romance, comedy, action, adventure, fantasy, drama, sci-fi and war. Overall she made the list because she has got big roles in movies and has gotten many achievements for the roles she has played. My favourite performance by her is Mystigue in the x- men films.

5. Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan aged 28 is a funny, cool and lovable actor. He is known for Fruitvale Station, Chronicle, the terrible Fantastic 4 movie and The Awkward Moment. He has won 5 awards and was nominated for 12 others. He has 2 upcoming movies Creed and the second Fantastic 4 movie. I'm really looking forward to creed because it has a lot of potential to be an amazing movie. Fantastic 4 : 2 if it wants to be a good film it has to step up about 100% to be in which a chance of even being good but I did think that his performance as the Human Torch was spot on. He's a great actor being able to be hilarious, dramatic, passionate, compelling, touching and overall has all the traits of a good actor. My favourite film by him is the awkward moment with his hilarious and compelling performance in it.

4. Miles Teller

Miles Teller aged 28 is a great actor one of the best at the moment in my opinion, getting parts in some big movies and playing the parts very well. He's known for Whiplash, the compelling Spectacular now, the not so great Divergent film and the also not so great Fantastic 4 film. He's also pretty known for 21 and Over and Project X. He's won 2 awards and was also nominated for 11 other awards. He has 5 upcoming movies 2 of which look good. the first being Bleed for This which is the origin story of a boxer and the second being Get a Job which appealed to me because of all the good actors that are starring in it. He's a very passionate, hilarious, compelling, lovable and a brilliant actor. Every character I've seen him play as he was completely believable and played the parts perfectly. My favourite film by him has to be either The Awkward Moment or Spectacular now each being a great performance by him.

3. Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz aged 18 is good looking, talented and funny. She is known for both brilliantly done Kickass movies, Hugo and Equalizer. First off I want to how incredible it is that she has 56 credits on IMDb at the age of 18 that is some achievement. She has 19 awards and was nominated for 16 others. She has 4 upcoming movies and the one that appeals to me the most is Neighbours 2 which I think will step up from the first one with the new actors they got for it. She's best in action movies from her great performance as Hitgirl in the Kickass movies. She made the list because of her great achievements at such a young age and for her talents as an actress. My performance by her is as Hitgirl in both Kickass movies for just being such a badass in them.

2. Zac Efron

Zac Efron aged 27 is a cool, funny and all round great actor. He is known for the funny 17 Again, High School musical, the amazing The Lucky One and The Awkward Moment. He has 3 upcoming movies that look funny and promising. He won 2 awards and was nominated for another 2. He is a lovable, hilarious guy with the ability to connect with the audience especially in The Lucky One with him doing such a touching performance. I picked him for this list because he really knows how to make a movie really stand out and makes it his own. My favourite performance was him in The Awkward Moment for just being so funny and believable as his character.

1. Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult aged 25 is known for the crazy Mad Max movie, Warm Bodies, X-men movies and About a Boy. He won 2 awards and was nominated for 10. He has 4 movies coming out 3 of which I know nothing about but am still excited to see for the acting.He is my number one pick because of some of the big parts he plays. Even in Mad Max he outshines Tom Hardy a few times because he does more than grunt for the first half of the film. I also picked him because of the wide range of parts he can play such as a lunatic (Mad Max), Beast (X-men), a loving zombie (warm bodies) and a grown up child (About a Boy). My favourite performance by him was in Mad Max because of how hard he had to work to play the part well and be believable at the same time.


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