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As we all know by now, Spider-Man is being integrated into the MCU since Sony came to an agreement with Marvel. Because of that there is yet another reboot, and we all know what reboots mean. We're starting Peter Parker's story all over again, with an entirely different set of characters! Excited? Angry? No matter how you feel about the third time around for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, the fact of the matter is that there are characters that need casting, and I'm here to do just that! Let's get started on our fan-casting adventure!

Green Goblin (Harry Osborn): Asa Butterfield

The runner-up to Tom Holland and the fan favorite to play Spider-Man himself, I always thought that Asa would be better suited for Harry Osborn anyways. He has sort of an evil rich kid look to him, and if he had the chops for Spider-Man, then he would have the chops for Green Goblin, considering how similar the characters are supposed to be. He has the look, I'm assuming that he has the acting skills, and there have been countless times where the runner-up for a role got a different part. This could very well be one of those times!

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn): Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig certainly has the look of a crooked businessman, and despite playing one of the most iconic action heroes ever, I've always thought that he would be a good villain. Even if you don't think he looks the part like I do, he has enough acting range to pull off the role, and this would be a fantastic role for him to take after his run as James Bond.

John Noble

While John Noble usually plays characters that are evil and borderline psychotic, I believe that if he were cast in the role that he could bring to the table the kind of guidance he gave Peter in Fringe to Peter Parker. Hopefully we won't see him be as crazy as Walter was, but instead bring all the positive aspects from that character to this one. Tell me you don't look at that picture and imagine him saying his famous quote, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

Venom: Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien was heavily rumored to be the new Spider-Man for both Sony's remake and the MCU, but I've honestly always thought that he'd make a better Venom. He has everything it takes to play Peter Parker, yet he can play darker and evil at the same time as being a smart ass. I can almost certainly promise that we wouldn't get another Topher Grace Venom out of O'Brien.

Doc Ock: Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson is perfectly cut out to play characters as sophisticated as Doc Ock, and he honestly has the look for the character more than anyone else I can envision. Sorry Alfred Molina, but your moment in this character's spotlight is over if Emerson were to take the role! He's smart, he's a little dude, capable of playing an evil mastermind pushed to the brink, and I honestly think that he would be awesome at playing a villain of this caliber.

Sandman: David Duchovney

Sandman is a mournful and kind of washed up character, and I think that's a character that Duchovney is excellent at portraying. While he plays great upbeat characters, nowadays he's looking rough around the edges, and I can picture him as a sorrowful character more than anything else. Going up against Spider-Man, David could prove to be a villain fit for the ages to come.

Lizard Man: Aaron Eckhart

Coming back to more sophisticated characters now, Aaron Eckhart has everything it takes to play a character as smart as Curt Connors. He has the look and is a terrific enough actor to play a scientist as smart as this one, and we've seen how good he is at pulling off double personalities already in The Dark Knight. While it's a step down from some of the other projects Eckhart has done, he could very well be the next, best Lizard Man.

Mysterio: Zachary Quinto

After watching Zachary Quinto's performance in Hitman Agent 47 (the best part of that movie), I'm fully convinced that this man is the perfect villain. In any given situation, Quinto can pull off any caliber of evil in any form. If he were given the role of Mysterio, then he could truly bring the full amount of evil and trickery to the character on screen.

J. Jonah Jameson: John C. McGinley

In almost every Spider-Man fan cast I've ever seen, the author just recast J.K. Simmons as J.J.J. and claimed that no one else can do it better. I can think of quite a few people who could take up the mantle of this role, but McGinley was born for it. I mean, have you seen Scrubs? This guy has been playing characters like this flawlessly his entire life, and I'm itching for him to take this role.

Scorpion: Nathan Fillion

I know this might seem like pushing the envelope a little bit, but ignoring all of his recent buzz about wanting to play Booster Gold, Fillion said that he wanted to play Scorpion when he was rumored for Spider-Man 3. While we all know him as the Han Solo type charmer, he's actually a more diverse actor than given credit for, and I believe that he could channel his inner villain through this role. A deranged psychopath that's obsessed with killing Spider-Man doesn't sound like Fillion's style, but it could quickly turn into it.


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