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Trevor B. Devendorf

So the Video above gave me a nerd boner for the new installment for Assassin's Creed! In which is my most Hyped video-game ever of all time for me! I'm splurging from excitement! The video really puts everything i like together so nicely, I just want to thank TGN for uploading it! You find their channel here.

Moving on from Assassin's Creed Unity which I played and beat twice, Syndicate is a huge overhaul of adding so much more but also including elements mostly from Unity, Black Flag and AC III. I want to add that I've been waiting for this game since 2012 when AC III came out. And then in 2013, in Black Flag showed Gamers that there is a plethora of settings that the franchise go to, 19th century Victorian era London was one of them, which then confirmed for me that the series could go there.

The hype is real. Now only 20 days away.... and I cannot wait!


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