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Horror fans get ready, for one of the scariest films to be released in 2016 is amongst us. It's called "Beneath: The Coven", and it's far from the average horror films you're use to watching.

Plot Summary: A teenage girl (Sky) and her pregnant mother (Samantha) move to the remote countryside of Wyoming after the recent death of her father. While unpacking in the barn, Sky comes across a door leading into the ground, and what she discovers is far from your average cellar. It's actually an entrance to the meeting grounds for a local coven. Unknowingly cast under a sinister spell, Sky's behavior starts to take a turn for the worst. So, what's the only way to break the spell? Well, nothing more than to take the unborn child from her mother's womb, and make it a sacrifice to complete the coven once and for all.

Okay, so this clearly isn't your typical modern day horror flick, but let's at least agree that it is a very original idea, and that it definitely has potential.

We asked Martin Ingram (Writer & Co-Director) what his vision was, and what we should look forward to the most:

"I came up with the idea sitting at work one day, and being a crazed horror movie fan, I knew I had to get this idea off the ground. I was on Craigslist one day, just looking at random posts in the community section, and I came across an ad that a guy was looking to shoot a few short films, and was wanting to team up with some people to make it happen. After responding to the ad and receiving a reply shortly after, I decided to shoot this idea to my co-director (Serge Hermann), and from there we decided to get things going. The vision we have set for the film is calm, yet very dark and disturbing as well. What I like to see in a horror film is something that will stick with me, and actually put chills down my spine. I feel that many horror films now days are missing that, and I can assure everyone that sees this film will absolutely be scared. I wouldn't want to spend hours on in, creating something that is just going to be complete shit in the end. So, we are making sure to put every true aspect of our vision into this, and I'm sure everyone will be pleased."

After speaking with Martin, he ended his statements letting us know that they are shying away from the gore factor in horror, and solely focusing on what will actually scare the living hell out of people.

"We aren't setting this up to be a gore flick, by any means. No. We want this to strictly bring fear to our audience, and not have people complaining about the movie not being scary enough to at all. Will there be the occasional blood splat? Of course, but nothing to the extreme measures of what could label this as a "gore fest".

Set to be released in 2016 through First Light Cinema & Dark Hill Films, the film is finally in its early stages, and will begin to be filmed mid-Fall, 2015.


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