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Elric Thurstonsen

Saw "The Martian" last night. While the move was good and I recommend people to see it, there were a few flaws in it that the book nailed. Though it has already been mentioned by both the author and others, the wind on Mars though having considerable velocity, would not be that powerful due to the low pressure of that atmosphere. Then there was the scene where he is burning Hydrogen to create water. He is suppose to be in a room with only Hydrogen in it and adding oxygen to burn to create water. But he not wearing a breathing mask so were is he getting the oxygen to breath?

There were things they left out from the book but on the whole it did a good job of following the book. Those things left out would have made the move too long and were only just one more problem he had to solve. They didn't hurt the movie as a whole.

My two cents.


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