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Top 4 Transformers I want to See in the Movies

Word out from Paramount pictures and Hasbro is that after months of meeting with a team of writers they came up with enough material to put out 4 more movies for the years to come (according to Cinema Blend).

I sort of have mixed feelings about this mostly because I have been logically persuaded by many Transformers Fans that all of Michael Bays "Bayformers" were horrible.

For me personally, it's just been a true dream to see my most favorite cartoon hit the screens at all. I've come to realize that their are two types of Transformer Fans:

  • Fans who love everything that comes out no matter what. They can't hate any of it. I will call these fans "Transformer Fanatics."
  • Fans who have specific favorites and specific not so favorite story arcs. These I will cal "Transformer Die Hards." They want Transformers their way or it is not Generation 1 canon.

Now though I consider myself to be a Fanatic who loves everything about Transformers from the good, the bad, and the ugly, which is because I love to compare the various spins and stories by different writers. I love to compare and contrasts them. I love the idea that other people get the opportunity to try their hands and creative twists to it.

Die Harders don't like that. They want everything to look, sound, and smell like G1 from voice actors to the actual type of cars they were supposed to transforms into from G1. And that's cool. I get that. Hey, if I was that kind of writer I'd love my own hand at it too! lol!

While these next four Transformers movies are coming out based upon money success and not creativity we will have to deal with it. It's still a business. Always has been and always will be. Whatever makes the most money will always win out.

The one thing I desire is more screen time and dialog from the Transformers (Autobot to Autobot, Decepticon to Decepticon, Autobut to and from Deceptcon). I believe both the Die Harders and Fanatics can both agree on that at least. The movies are, however, about the Transformers and not the humans. Maybe the folks who made Avatar should do Transformers since most of their movie was less human world and more about the dream world they painted in that movie, which still is today the top selling movie in the US of ALL TIME!

Anyway, while they are planning 4 more movies, I would like to share 4 Transformers I would like to see hit the big screen:

  • Trypticon AND his form as the Nemesis Decepticon warship
  • Unicron of course we all are waiting for him
  • Ultra Magnus because he's just hardcore
  • And Omega Supreme

What Transformers do you want to see? Maybe Beast Wars? Maybe some Predacons or Maximals? Share your thoughts!


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