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Teen Wolf Actor Cody Saintgnue (Brett Talbot) is suing the Mirage Casino and the 1 OAK nightclub after his lawyer says employees tried to pimp him out to a wealthy VIP and then beat him up when he refused to pay a bogus bill for a party.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports the incident took place as Saintgnue was celebrating his 21st birthday with his family and a few friends in Las Vegas in June of 2014.

According to the lawsuit, employees approached Saintgnue and asked him to visit a private party in the 1 OAK VIP section. After a few moments in the VIP section, he left to rejoin his friends. That’s when things got hinky according to the lawsuit.

"As he left the VIP section, it quickly became obvious that this was no mere invitation without strings as plaintiff understood, but rather, plaintiff was apparently expected to remain with the party for the balance of the evening, and possibly thereafter,"

The Review Journal reports that Saintgnue now believes the club employees were soliciting him to be “the guest or date of the man in the VIP section.”

The lawsuit alleges that the actor didn’t realize what was happening, "As an aside, plaintiff is straight, young, and again, naive, and completely failed to recognize any such overtones to the invitation or acceptance of the invitation, and thought it was a polite social interchange,"

After Saintgnue left the party, he was approached by club employees and told he would have to pay hundreds of dollars for VIP service he had not requested. They then escorted him into a back hallway where security personnel from the Mirage casino restrained him.

Surveillance footage shows part of the exchange. As Saintgnue tried to shoot a cellphone video, security officers slammed him against a wall and tackled him to the ground.

The lawsuit describes events seen in the video, "The attack was undertaken with no less than six persons participating, and plaintiff's head was banged repeatedly against a wall and plaintiff's ribs were bruised, all while plaintiff was not fighting back.”

The police were then called but filed no charges and Saintgnue was not required to pay the bogus VIP bill.

"It is now evident that the total charges to plaintiff were $164.68,” the lawsuit states, “that these were paid in full at the onset of the evening, and that all the assertions by 1 OAK to acquire additional funds through the duress and extortion accompanied by the imprisonment and beatings of the plaintiff were nothing more than an attempted shakedown, theft, and robbery of the plaintiff.”

There’s no word on what the lawsuit is seeking in damages. Saintgnue told the paper "I'm a leader, and I stand for what's right and what's fair.”

Attorneys for the Mirage and 1 OAK have not commented publicly on the lawsuit.


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