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The Intern starring Anne Hathaway as a start-up business owner and Robert De Niro as a senior intern in the company. Directed and Written by Nancy Meyers known for her film "It's Complicated" (2009).

The film begins with Ben (De Niro) narrating about his life. He is now seventy, his wife died, and retirement is not working out for him. Ben decides to apply to an online fashion show as part of their new senior intern programs. A company run by people under 30.

In his first day at the internship he is assigned to work for the owner of the company Jules Ostin (Hathaway) who is trying to keep up with her personal life and her successful company. Leading her to not sleeping at all.

Simple story that works because of the casting choice.

The intern is a simple story. Ben the intern who is too old for his co-workers trying to understand the new generation while sticking to his old habits, and Jules the stressed business owner who is struggling in her personal life become friends and help each other out. It doesn't have any elements that we haven't seen before a hundred times, but the cast manages makes it interesting and entertaining. You can never go wrong with De Niro.

The film has its funny and heartwarming moments.

The film will leave you with a good feeling as you walk out of the theater.

I recommend watching this film during matinee price, and If you are not able to catch it at the theater don't worry it's a perfect DVD film to watch at home during a rainy day.


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