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Nolan's Batman series is critically acclaimed and is often credited as one of the best trilogies ever. In every trilogy there is often a standout film that is regarded as the best in that series. The Dark Knight of course is often given that title as it changed the way we looked at comic book films and was just a spectacular film overall. Out of all the movies in the trilogy, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are often the two most talked about within in the trilogy and everyone usually forgets about poor Batman Begins. But this article will be explaining to you why Batman Begins was actually the best one in the series.

Most Batman-esque.

Out of all the films Batman Begins felt the most Batman-like. The other two, in my personal opinion, felt like crime drama films that happen to have a superhero running around in a bat costume. Begins got everything right about what Batman should be like on film. Showing audiences his gadgets, rage, darkness, and heroism, this film is what makes Batman such a awesome character! For example, the scene where Batman fights all the goons in the shipyard, it was classic Batman. It showed him using stealth, fear as a weapon, him fighting like a one man army, and him saying the most famous line ever: "I'm Batman". Batman was like some beast imposing his will on the criminals of Gotham in Batman Begins. Oh, and remember when he interrogated Detective Flass?

Action Scenes.

Batman Begins had the best action scenes throughout the whole trilogy and Nolan's Batman films aren't credited for having mind-blowing action. The Tumbler scene where he avoiding the cops is just epic as the Tumbler is just plowing through everything in it's way. The fight scenes, despite people's criticism of it being choppily edited, did kind of have the whole "Batman's so fast you can't see him fight in combat" thing. I enjoyed Batman Begins action scenes for what they were and often say they're the best in the whole trilogy.

Having The Most Heart.

One thing that always bugged me about The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises was they always lacked in heart and emotion, and in a sense they were sometimes bland. Batman Begins gave you the sense that it was a deeper film and really showed that Batman and the characters around him had meaning. Also, Batman Begins had humor and funny moments as well. After Begins everything was so dark and gloomy. You can have funny moments in your movies Nolan.

Overall Batman Begins just connected to me more on an emotional level than the other films in the series. Some of the quotes that were said by some of the characters like Ra's Al Ghul, Alfred, and Rachel really rung true. The epic music and showing Batman's heroism only furthered the reason why Batman Begins is the best film of the series and why Batman is my favorite superhero overall.

More Focused Story.

The other films in the series at times became often too bloated and tried to do so much instead of focusing in on the core, specifically The Dark Knight Rises. Batman Begins had a clear narrative and Nolan was focused on what he was trying to tell instead of trying to do multiple things all at once. Ra's Ah Ghul might have not been the best villain of the series but he was the most focused and well written. He fit into the story perfectly and had a clear cut motive to destroy Gotham City. No offense to Joker or Bane, (they were really good villains)but at times I didn't understand their motive (I suppose Joker has no motive really). Bane said he wanted Gotham to burn but he waited all that time to destroy it and let Batman come back and stop him. He could have easily destroyed Gotham within that time period. Joker was a great villain as well but I didn't understand why he came to Gotham to destroy it . Did he have some personal connection there? These are the reasons why Ra's Al Ghul was the best written villain because he had a clear motive and and set forth in accomplishing his mission. Maybe this is the whole reason why Batman Begins was better focused than the other two films.

I loved the Nolan Batman trilogy as a whole but the other two didn't get what makes Batman so great as a character, and just didn't feel very Batman like. Batman Begins got what was true to the character down to the core, from the atmosphere, characters, villain, and overall story. Batman Begins to me is the best out of the whole trilogy. It is where it all began.

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Is Batman Begins the best in the trilogy?


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