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October 1st was a grave day for the Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Chris Mercer, 26 years of age, opened fired on the campus killing nine people and wounding seven. This event took control of some parts of the media, and James Woods wanted to express his opinions.

Mercer was believed to only target Christians and James Woods wanted to make it a fact that he believed President Obama barely reacted. Here James Woods tweets about the event.

source: Twitter


-NY Times writes a front page story about a hate massacre targeting Christians without using the word "Christians"

-If it is determined that the Oregon shooter targeted Christians specifically, that's the last we here of it on MSM.

-Now that it is recognized that the terrible Oregon tragedy was an assault on Christians, will the President still sing Amazing Grace there?

-Hate crime massacre of Christians finally silences Obama.

Was it okay for James Woods to attack President Obama in this great time of sorrow? Should people be more focused on the incident other than political opinions? Comment below.


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