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I got to watch this movie in the comfy setting of my own home. I was looking forward to this movie for a long time now and it certantly didn't dissapoint.

I was amazed by Tony's character progression from the first movie to this one and even from Iron man 3 to this movie. Captain America was the Cap'n sort of controlling the situation...or trying anyway (Serious question, why do they let him lead? He's against Tony on everything)

Bruce has grown so much since the last movie but unfortunately he leaves at the end. I was very skeptical of Scarlet Witch I was terrified that she was going to be this terribly whinny character but she wasn't, she was a strong heroic female that I look forward to seeing in other movies. I love how human Thor has become, his sense of humor has evolved a lot since the first movie.

I watched this movie with my parents and both parents were yelling at the screen as the fight scenes began. My dad screaming "Shoot it!" and my mom yelling. "Don't let it kill her." It was enthralling and it sucked you in from the very beginning. If anyone was a bit skeptical about the added characters and story line I believe you should watch it, I am thrilled with it and I have already made plans to watch it again because this is a film like all of the Marvel films has Easter eggs and hidden snippets.

I will admit I am not usually a fan of Black widow or Hawk-eye but in this movie they shine bright as their personalities and loyalty is really shown. I am hoping that they will explore more of Black widows story as hers is very sad and tragic. I am in love with how they are growing these characters, I am however a little worried about the possibility of Chris Evans leaving and the thought of a new avengers coming to the screen. (Mostly because I don't like change) So to sum up, I do love this movie, I plan to re-watch, Captain America is sort of annoying at times in my opinion but hes doing his best, all of the characters have grown a lot since their first appearances. I am highly recommending this movie.


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