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Grand Theft Auto is an outgoing series and continues to grow with an interesting story every time, that releases a new entry about 4 to 6 years apart. GTA has always been one of my favorite game franchises along with Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat, because it always puts the gamer into a new life of a character that has to battle through tough situations, such as betrayal, power, lust, and etc… GTA San Andreas and GTA 4 are my top two out of the series, and I think that the future entries should structure themselves after them, with new incredible experiences and a complete sandbox. Note: These are my opinions and GTA 6 is rumored to be on the horizon in the year of 2018.


The next GTA will most likely feature a previous map, such as London, or Miami, but wouldn’t it be amazing if they didn’t just revamp these cities and just put in a whole new map like Atlanta, Washington, or Scotland. By the year of 2018, I would think that the majority of gamers would be playing on either PC, or next gen, which would allow for developers to put more power into map-making and give gamers more options to choose from. I anticipate for GTA 6 to have a season pass like Call of Duty does, but in their DLC I would expect 10 new cars, 1 new map that varies in size, 4 new big options, and a few more single-player missions. The reason why I hope they do something like this is, because people can’t get bored if they do season passes and free DLC is overrated, people got extremely angry, including me waiting for the long-awaited heists, and the high life DLC, which didn’t matter when it finally came into play. GTA 5 was an incredible game and I loved it, but it shows us the fans that there needs to be more improvements.

Start to Finish Glamour

Every GTA game has excelled in telling an amazing and interesting story of the crime world from start to finish, but with so many stories told it would appear to be no way of doing something new. By this matter it would appear that the only option is to remaster things, which is why I would be ecstatic in seeing a twin story that is about a brother and a sister living and making their way up the crime ladder, while showing the emotional and crazy world around the two siblings. This story would allow GTA to reinstall the switching through characters thing and make a new take for the series. In this GTA I would love a ending that could leave its audience in shock.

Fan Service

The creation of the Social club for Rockstar is something that should be the basis for fan service, by doing surveys, petition, and discussions for what the fans want in the game. I think that GTA 6 will have less violence and might even go for a soft M rating, because it was banned in certain countries around the globe. I want GTA 6 to have a hard M rating that displays hard and disturbing content for multiplayer and single-player, because well it's GTA.


What is your favorite GTA?


Which is most important to you?


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