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DC has finally made its extended universe, which will stretch to 2020 with Batman vs Superman (BvS) being released in March of 2016 to kick it off. In these Detective Comics Universe-Opinion Post’s, which is abbreviated (DCU-OP), I will be writing about a certain movie in the DC line-up. My speculation will mainly start with the Wonder Woman film all the way to my end of DC films, and will discuss how I want these new films to go and the things I also want in them. NOTE: I am only speculating and I am a fan of DC.

The Obvious

The obvious synopsis of this movie, by the title and trailer is that Batman wants to understand this new alien in Kansas that looks like a human and he wants him to answer for his part in the destruction of Metropolis. While these two greats fight a new unstoppable threat is unleash by the evil Lex Luthor and they have to stop it. Majority of fans can't wait for this movie to come out and would put this in their top 3 anticipated films of 2016. Question: Is the Suicide Squad set after BvS in the DCEU timeline, or before?


In recent news, director Zack Snyder has open up about BvS stating that this is more of a Batman film, while also being a Superman film. This news is good depending on the fact that Superman had his own solo outing in 2013, and Batman is having his own two years later. The one thing that I prey doesn't happen to this universe is that Batman being the easier and one of many people's all-time greats becomes the king and other characters, such as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash become his peasants, and when it comes to the production of new material. Man of Steel 2 is currently set to come out whenever. , Loool!


The sense of time and place is crucial to me when making these post, because I would love to know what characters are out and about. The release of the Suicide Squad trailer tells me that characters like Flash, Green Arrow, and a mystical character are fresh heroes either after or before the events of BvS, because characters like Captain Boomerang, Katana, and Enchantress are already in prison. If the timeline is set up this way then I can only suggest that future movies like Flash will be origin stories.


Who is the villain that both Kal-El and Bruce Wayne have to team up to take down? In the same report that everyone uses when discussing about BvS and it’s main baddie, Michael Shannon reported that he had to wear flippers for hands and he isn't playing anyone of importance, but he would would love to come back to the franchise. After all the rumors and info that I’ve gathered, I could definitely understand Doomsday being the main villain, but it could also be possible that we could see Bizarro. Lex Luthor has made a variety of clones and new bodies in his comic book history from left to right, so there are a number of evil Superman clones that we could see, such as Bizarro, Powergirl, Superboy, and an Adaptoid. By the scences of the trailer, I would bet on Doomsday or Kryptonite Man for the main villain.

The End

I’m sure that most of the general audiences and you the readers know how this movie is going to end, heroes save the day and lock the evil away. In superhero team-ups the endings are always special, with credit-scenes and the way the characters emotions are at the end of the roller coaster. At the end of Batman v Superman, I would hope it ends with Batman showing Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Superman the Watchtower, and then Superman tells them that we need to be this world’s hope.


Who do you want to be the villain?


Who do you want to have more screen time?


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