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Will Ferrell, probably the funniest comedic actor alive, has starred in some great movies. Great movies with hilarious lines. So with those hilarious lines, I'm going to try making a story, a nice short one, using just maybe some of my own words...

Lets start it off quite nice like, by saying:

I guess that isn't so so nice. I'm sorry for the foul language, so lets start over:

Well sure it might not make any sense, but with this hot and sexy body:

Well does this count because:

No Honestly! Flours! For all of your baking needs! I wouldn't be playing your shits like this...Jeez man, Gator!

Okay Gator! Sorry...

Man your wife is hot! She isn't cute..shes smokin' hot! Yes she is! Totally! If you don't agree then what is that thing in your pants?:

Oh yeah? I sort of like the pattern, very long...ish...I guess. Uuuggghhh... So you been dancing lately I hea...

I've seen that one, it was great. Doesn't always get the kind of attention you would've wanted it to, sort of like writing. But you can't do anything to change it. But you actually can! And so:

What does Alex have to do with it any way? Writing? It doesn't make sense! None of it!

The End!

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