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Godzilla 2014 is the godzilla film that i have been waiting for. And for the begening of this review iam going to address alot of peopel complants about the film. 1. barely any godzilla only 15 min of him. Well godzilla and the monster are in the film for about 25 min or maybe even more and i think that it is good that it left you wanting more and more, it is just like a good food and it is so good that you just cant wait to go to that place again and eat there food, so yah i think that not showing godzilla and not having him be in the film alot more is a good thing and i personally really like it. 2. the bland characters well i guess i like them and if you think that there bland than i have no problem with that we agree to disagree.

one of the awesome posters for the film.
one of the awesome posters for the film.

The good. tha action is fun and very and thriling and so exciting and its true on the edge of yout seat entertament. the character a good and very well acted. the visual effects are fantastic and also very well done in my opinion. the score is so good, the direction and the re-watchability is so good. So overall this film is really good, oh and by the way the film has a plot and a perfect tone like what every film should have oh and i have also forgot about how good the entertament factor is very good.

The bad uhhhhhhhhhhh i dont know there is nothing much i have wrong with this film, so i guess that is that.

Overall score and verdict.

godzilla 2014 is a fantastic film with great pacing and a true great sense of tone with state of the art visual effects which are just so breath taking and spetacular. So Overall iam going to give godzilla 2014 a 4.5/5.0 its fantastic movie

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