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I'll start with 2 Movies i will cast, in Spider-man i will give it a complete name and i will cast 2 villains for the movie, 2 love interests, with only 1 as the lead love interest.
Then Arrow, i would love to see a movie of Arrow, so i will cast some people for a movie (In the DCU) And some Re-Makes with different stories (Twilight, Underworld, Etc) also Black Widow (but i only cast Black Widow herself) and then i go for some TV Shows (a lot)



Spider-Man: The Avenger


Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Marisa Tomei as Aunt May

Fan Cast:

Anton Yelchin as Harry Osborn

Matthew McConaughey as Norman Osborn

Jonnhy Depp as Mysterio

Jeffrey Donovan as Chamaleon

Chloe Grace Moretz as Gwen Stacy

Bella Thorne as Mary Jane Watson

That's what i got for Spider-man. Sure Flash Thompson will be in it, more. But this is for sure what i want to see

Green Arrow:


Daniel Sharman as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow

Colton haynes as Roy Harper/Red Arrow

Amber Heard as Laurel Lance/Black canary

That's all i really want to see, the rest i don't care about the plot or who plays the villains. As long as it has a good vibe, i'm down.

TV Shows:

Starting with Titans, later Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Static Shock, more) (I cast the regulars for the first season or just the lead and the villain)


Steven R. McQueen as Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Ariana Grande as Starfire

Julian Morris as Hawk

Victoria Justice as Dove

Elizabeth Gillies as Raven

Jake T. Austin as Beast Boy

Ashley Greene as Blackfire (Villain)

Spider-Man (Miles Morales fancast, 2 people)

Tyler James Williams as Miles Morales/Spider-Man

Adam Baldwin as Sandman

Static Shock:

Jaden Smith as Virgil Ovid Hawkins/Static Shock

Jason Isaacs as Sinestro

Arsenal & Red Hood:

Jake Abel as Jason Todd/Red Hood

Colton haynes as Roy Harper/Arsenal

Dane Dehaan as The Joker

Batman & Robin (Tim Drake):

Jensen Ackles as Bruce Wayne Batman

Dylan O'Brien as Tim Drake/Robin

Alexander Siddig as Ra's Al Ghul

Kevin McKidd as Bane

Gideon Emery as Two Face

That's it for TV Shows/ Now re-makes:


But this time make it an Adventure/Action/Romance movie with killing.

Daniel Sharman as Edward Cullen

Emma Stone as Bella Swan

Leo Howard as Jacob Black


Selena Gomez as Selene

Daniel Sharman as Michael Corvin

James Bond (Lead Actor):

Daniel Sharman as James Bond

Black Widow (Lead):

Holland Roden as Black Widow

Iron Man (Lead) (For 2021)

Colton Haynes as Iron Man

We won't agree on every fancast, i know that, but no need to hate. Share with me who you would fancast, or what villains you would use:

Also rumored that Cody Christian will be playing as a lead in a new hit show on the CW.

And Dylan O'Brien in a Star Wars movie.

Also Superman will have a solo movie after Batman Vs Superman.


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