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Hey guys so it's a well known fact that hate or flame war is always at full swing in the internet especially when it comes to pop culture like Android vs iOS, DC vs Marvel, Star Wars vs Star Trek so on and so forth today I am gonna address one such topic and provide some insight.

But before heading onto DC movies I'll talk about Marvel movies first.

Marvel Studios successfully proved that their way of storytelling is both successful and the most suitable for their properties, so they took this pop corn and bubble gum flick kinda lighthearted approach with their properties where a bunch of solo adventures and origin stories culminated into an epic cross over now know as The Avengers this formula worked amazingly well for them given they have made several billions with this approach, a clear sign that this tone of theirs connects well with the masses world wide especially with the 12 to 24 age group, who are the major focus for these kinda movies.

Since Marvel has proved that their formula is successful, many started believing that this is the only formula to approach comic book based super hero movies, which I completely disagree. Part of a reason why DC movies are facing some heavy criticisms (I'll cover this part elaborately below).

Now let's discuss about how DC Extended Universe (DC movies) can prove even they can make high quality movies and silence their haters and skeptics.

Zack Snyder has to prove himself

Zack Snyder is the director of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and the upcoming Justice League movies and the producer on every single DC Extended Universe movie from now on, it's safe to say that he's the creative architect and a major player of this franchise (This was confirmed in the recent interviews with Empire and Entertainment Weekly)

But some people hate his movies while others love his movies and thus there's a mixed reception towards him so it's safe to say that this guy has to prove himself in a big way, because all of his movies received mixed reception as well.

If Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice becomes a massive commercial success and if this movie receives great reviews, he would end up proving himself in the biggest way possible which will eventually lead people to feel more positive about his future DC movies namely the Justice League series and DC Universe in general considering he's the one running it.

Some cast members have to prove themselves

To be specific there are three actors from Batman v Superman have have to prove themselves, so let's discuss one by one, staring with..................

Ben Affleck as Batman/ Bruce Wayne

Ben Affleck has proven himself to be a great director, screen writer and producer with films like Town, Argo and Goodwill Hunting because he holds Oscars, BAFTA's and Golden Globes on those categories but there are a sizable bunch who hate him as an actor given the fact he starred in some of the worst movies but recently he has proven that he's a good actor as well with his great performances from Gone Girl, Town and Argo, and with the trailers and posters from Batman v Superman many believe that Ben Affleck will end up being the best motion picture Batman we ever had! but the doubt still remains with certain sections of the moviegoers.

If Ben Affleck truly lives up to the hype and if he proves that he's better than all the previous motion picture interpretations of Batman/ Bruce Wayne, then there's nothing that could stop this guy as he would reach the heights of global stardom something that's highly beneficial for WB studios considering he's playing a super important character in DC universe and all of his directorial efforts are distributed by WB as well.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/ Princess Diana

A casting decision that received so much hate and most of it was not because she wasn't a proven actress but because she doesn't have a body type that people see in female characters from comic book illustrations! Doesn't make sense right.

Yes she isn't a proven actress and she only played a medium sized supporting role in three Fast and the Furious movies and had cameos in 2 other movies, not something to speak about but we have to remember that she got this role through a casting process where she outperformed three Hollywood actresses who were more experienced than her and got this role, a screen test where Ben Affleck was present and involved, so there's more to it than what meets the eye.

If Gal Gadot proves she's the perfect Wonder Woman of our times, her career and stardom would also get a sizeable boost and moviegoers will also start accepting her as a good actress and more importantly as THE Wonder Woman.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

Even an Oscar nominated actor is no match for the logic of a fanboy these days, many people think Lex Luthor is this tall, deep voiced, physically intimidating and older guy (maybe due to the animated shows I believe) but in truth Lex Luthor was always around the same age as Superman in the comic books and it's not his deep voice or his physicality that makes him a great villain but it's his intelligence, cunning and undying hatred for Superman that makes him a great villain and I think Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio concentrated on those underlying and super important elements than the surface level elements with this casting decision.

If Jesse Eisenberg proves he's the perfect Lex Luthor of our times and if he proves that he's better than all the previous interpretations of Lex Luthor, then we could be looking at our next greatest on screen comic book villain.

They have to prove their formula works best for their properties.

WB/DC formula for their DC movies can be described as stories that are darker, grittier, edgier, mythological, philosophical, sophisticated and as close to reality as possible with a muted color palette, sounds familiar ?

Christopher Nolan came up with this formula for his Dark Knight Trilogy and now WB/DC are using it as a blue print for their entire franchise, yes it worked wonderfully for Batman and the last two movies of that trilogy earned 1 Billion even without 3D boost cementing the fact that masses liked this formula as well.

But the most important question is, can it work for an entire franchise and characters apart from Batman ? that's the million dollar question over which moviegoers are quite skeptical about.

But what moviegoers failed to understand is, almost every comic book arc from DC Comics from 1980 with few exceptions were dark, gritty, edgy and all the things that Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel were so it's not something that Zack Snyder & co are trying to emulate it's something that's always there in the source material itself.

Secondly WB/DC are building their universe in the exact opposite way than what Marvel did with theirs.

WB/DC are building their universe where multiple heroes meet each other and then head onto the team up event known as Justice League 1 much in advance of their solo outings, the exact opposite of Marvel's as you can see, due to this many critcized DC's approach claiming they are playing the game of catch up with Marvel and that it would end up hurting them in return and also that they are overcrowding the movie with multiple characters and plot threads.

In reality this is actually a brilliant plan and it's actually organic in terms of storytelling (if you wanna know how ask me in the comment section below I'll be happy to explain). We have also heard that Batman v Superman will be a long movie which will be 165 minutes at least and that would help them tremendously in fleshing out and establishing everything without compromising on quality something that we cannot say for The Amazing Spider Man 2, Spider Man 3 and Iron Man 2 as all of them had extremely short run time considering the things those movies wanted to establish, thus a very poor end product.

So they have to prove that their way of building the franchise and their tone for this franchise is THE most suitable for their properties which would easily lead people to love and accept this format of storytelling from DC movies as well.

Wrapping it up

  • In short Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice has to work with the moviegoers and critics.
  • The WHY of the conflict and eventual reconciliation between Batman and Superman has to work.
  • The tonal blueprint of "Dark, gritty, edgy, as close to reality, philosophical, mythological, sophisticated and muted color palette" has to work in this movie and with the moviegoers and critics.
  • Acting performances from Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg and also Henry Cavill have to be great and their characterizations should be top notch and justified.
  • The WHY behind the inclusion of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Victor Stone and possibly Flash and Green Lantern in this movie should be solid, justified and shouldn't affect the main plot.

If these things happen then the future of DC Extended Universe will be as bright as possible with all the skeptical people converted to fans, if Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice works this slate will work.

Now imagine the weight of burden on the shoulders of Zack Snyder!


Do you think WB/DC would end up proving themselves on the topics I discussed above.


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