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Back in the day; I would be hungry and waiting for Monday Night Raw with the OTT action and story-lines that WWE Wrestlers would perform, but these days Raw is just a shell of it's former self rather focusing on elongated promo/segments and soap-opera styled stories than actually focus on actual wrestling for 3 hours straight. Which some 3 hours later is proving to be either than less effective or just outright disappointing.

SmackDown on the other which still has it's 2 hour format focuses more on the mid-card talent of World Wrestling Entertainment and more on actual matches.

For the time of WWE's Blue Brand you get less talking promos and segments and more time is devoted to wrestling which to quote HHH from 1999 "is the name of the Game".

Even longtime jaded fans have been crying out for years to have the emphasis more on wrestling than talking because that's what they're to see - wrestling.

WWE's biggest problem is that they are focusing too much on the casual audience that don't even have too much of an understanding as to what the business about rather than cater to the actual real fans that know what they want from WWE but choose to ignore them.

Case and point from late May 2012 on Raw where The Big Show spent 18 minutes talking about an Iron Clad Contract when you could have had at least 1 match already and then hype for a second.

Same shtick with the Authority angle that began in late 2013 where on SmackDown they'd spend at least 15 minutes yammering on about recaps or Rawcaps from Monday Night that fans could easily check the website or their Mobile App to get up to speed on what had happened previously.

When you talk down to your audience and perceive them to be stupid you come across as arrogant, patronising and condescending.

Thankfully in the last few years you don't see so much of that on SmackDown and it just gets back to the Name of the Game which is wrestling.

Since SmackDown reverted back to airing on Thursday nights where they are more likely to garner better ratings compared to Fridays where most people go out to Clubs or Cinemas so they can relax.

With the way things are going currently, at the time of writing this review; it would not surprise me that in maybe 6 months to a year that SmackDown will surpass Raw in the ratings.

I can see it happening


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