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The Maze Runner might end after the third movie. But why? If The Scorch Trials is better than the first, and the third movie is another success, why stop? There are 4 books and a fifth is happening. Dylan O'Brien is a star. The third is set to release on February 17, 2017. I think the fourth movie could be in 2019. If it happens, and why not a fifth in 2020? Dylan O'Brien will be 29. But Thomas won't be a Teenager anymore. So it can be easy done. Sure the third movie will already have a new vibe. The fourth movie can also have that vibe and continue were the third leaves. The fifth movie can mature a bit more and be more of an action/Thriller movie with less Adventure, still a lot of it, but less. I think The Maze Runner and the Maze Runner 2 were 2 movies with a lot of adventure, the first had more of a mystery vibe and the second more of a thriller vibe. The third will be still and Adventure movie but with more of an Action vibe. The fourth can have that Adventure movie vibe with more action/thriller/Mystery in it. But the fifth can mature so much. with more Action and Thriller in it. Adventure and Mystery will be in it too. And also because it will be more mature it might have some scary parts in it. Who wouldn't like to see 5 Movies?

Dylan O'Brien does actually want it to be more than just 3 movies. But the director said "The third will be the last in the franchise" But the Producers say "We don't know if there will be a fourth movie. But nobody wants that more than me and Dylan".

If it gets another director after 3 movies. It might get into 5 movies. But they have to hire someone that did movies like this. The director of San Andreas, Divergent, Harry potter. Someone who can pull it off. Also they would need someone in the movie people can look forward too. Someone athletic. Like Justin Bieber he is 21, in 2019 he would be 25. People might respect him then. He doesn't need to have a lead role in it. Just like a guy that runs away with the crew for a while. Or someone who has the lead with Minho and Thomas. But we don't know about that yet. Let's hope this movies get a better vibe. The movie also has to mature with the people of this days, but still be something for new people coming up.

The soundtrack also can be done by people in the movie, if they hire Justin Bieber, that can be done in the contracts. Also some songs of Eminem and Skrillex would be cool. Cause they have fight scenes and they run a lot.

Also Tyler Posey making a little cameo and even die or something would be cool. Cause he's a good friend of Dylan O'Brien.

The fans have been loving the franchise. But if it ends at 3. That would be so dissapointing. Everyone hopes it to have 4 Movies or 5. Or even 7. The third will be about Revange and the Death Cure. The fourth could be when they really go for killing Ava after failing but getting back Minho. The fifth is about he Fever Code, we don't know much. But someone has to die, but who will it be? Some drama has to happen. Action and Adventure is always good. But give it more scares and thrillings. Then maybe if there is a book or not, you can always do a 6. What actually would be a perfect last. In a big maze. Finally killing Ava at the end. But what if she isn't the biggest villain? That can lead to 7.

I hope the movies don't end at 3. I also hope that 1 day in the future 15 Years after the last Maze Runner movie (when that will be) they make a Re-Make but different.

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