ByAmber Corlett, writer at
...adly be missed. I love that people have opions its what they world is about im just sad that some of these opions couldnt be said in a more respectful manner. That being said I feel that Porsche should give some money definitely to paul's family and gis friends, but future income? Unless they have signed contracts indicating he was to play a part or three in future productions then if i was the judge i would only guve a thirs of those earnings, if there was no set productions where he was staring then i wouldn't give anything. For one it is Porsche maybe filthy rich and probley could afford a lot of there money being stripped away which they are definitely half at fault, but the other half is plan and simple its human fault things happen in life that is just out of our hands mistakes happen people get hurt or die because of those mistakes. Blame for everything shouldnt be juat put on Porsche, to me its blaming the universe things happen to wonderful people we dont know why they happen they just do, sometimes there may be another party at fault for those things happening but its not only that partys fault either.

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