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I am a huge fangirl who loves reading books and going to the cinema! I am a model and I love Cara Delevingne my inspiration!

John Greens book Paper towns which has recently been made into a film which hit UK cinemas on the 17th August 2015 has captured the hearts of many young adults..

The novel focuses on the narrator and protagonist Quenten 'Q' Jacobsen and his neighbour, Margo Roth spiegleman. When they was young children they was very close but by the time they'd gone to high school they'd drifted apart.. Until one particular night. Margo and Q embark on a journey where they 'Wrong some rights and right some wrongs'.. The next day Margo is nowhere to be seen and so Q and his friends Radar, Ben and Lacey set out to travel and find Margo.... I shall not spoil the ending for you!

Here is what John Green had to say...

John's biggest worry of the 'Paper Towns' movie might surprise you.. After confessing there are no ducks in 'Paper Towns'.. John spent a mental sixty seconds fretting about the total failure of this film to appeal to the cool duck fandom...I know it sounds crazy!

Out of the entire movie John's favourite words in the movie were 'ROAD TRIP' as he said ' All the stuff that takes place in the minivan is magical to me'...' Don't worry all will come clean when you see the film'

John also still has a solid connection with the loveable Shailene Woodley who played Hazel Grace Lancaster in tearjerker 'The Fault In Our Stars' as he said 'For me, Shai is just a forever person' How sweet is that!

Nat Wolff is clearly John Greens favourite dude, ever as it is ' impossible' for him to express his love for Nat Wolff says Green.

starring the gorgeous model Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff this movie can't get any better!

Paper Towns hit UK cinemas on 17th August, watch it now!

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