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Although Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim 2 is currently indefinitely postponed, he is still considering what he would do with the sequel to his incredible sci-fi triumph. In particular he knows that, should he be able to direct the follow-up to his robots-punching-sea-monsters epic, he would put Maisie Williams in it. Specifically, he would have the young star play a pilot of one of the Jaegers.

Guillermo del Toro tweeted yesterday revealing that he had spoken to the star of Game of Thrones and that after the conversation, he would like her to pilot an inter-dimensional monster smashing exoskeleton. Here is the tweet in question:

In the universe of Pacific Rim a Jaeger is, of course, a gigantic robot that can be piloted via the mind. Two pilots connect their minds in "The Drift" and work in unison to control the giant exoskeleton. The Jaegers were created to combat the enormous creatures that were emerging out of the rift between dimensions that opened up on the sea floor.

Personally, I loved the first movie and would love it if Guillermo del Toro was given the chance to let his imagination run wild with that world once again. He is a true visionary and, in my opinion, should just be allowed to make anything that pops into his head. He has so many ideas that he has spoken about that may never happen—just let him make them all!

Maisie Williams can't pilot a giant robot herself, so who would you want to see co-pilot a Jaeger with her?


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