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Okay , so , every time a new Bond film comes out fans everywhere look forward to 3 main things.

They are :

1) The movie itself- is it a "Bond" film? Are the Bond girls what i hoped for? And many other questions .

2) The graphics to the music video. These are often beautifully choreographed pieces of cinematic beauty. A real treat for fans of the franchise or those new to the 007 world.

3) The Bond Song for that film. Most of the time the writers get it right and we are left adrenaline filled and secretly hoping we were spies too.

And with the up and coming movie Spectre due out, it is once again time for another bond song.

This time U.K singer Sam Smith is singing the theme to Spectre titled "The Writings On The Wall".

Personally I dislike this song but not because it is badly written or performed, it is an amazing piece of music which any singer should be proud of. But it does not really have a Bond, adrenaline -rushing, wannabe spy maker, type of presence.

This got me to thinking about which Bond themes , in my opinion , were the definitive Bond songs.

Now this would not take the music video graphics into account as they are usually spectacular to behold.

So here we go , from 10 backwards is

10) Sheryl Crow's " Tomorrow Never Dies" from the 1997 movie "Tomorrow Never Dies" . Now again this is a song that gets you pumped up for the movie. When you hear it you are reminded of that movie. A brilliant piece of song writing from Miss Sheryl Crow.

9) Garbage and their song "The World Is Not Enough" from the 1999 movie " The World Is Not Enough". A powerful, and soulful song that sends goosebumps for those watching the opening credits to this fantastic Bond film.

8) Jack White and Alicia Keys " Another Way To Die" from the 2008 movie "Quantum Of Solace". Again another amazing piece of music, that unleashed Alicia's husky tones to pull of the sultry Bond Girl voice.

8) Adele and her song "Skyfall" for the 2012 movie titled "Skyfall" . Personally I had higher hopes for this song given the power Adele can get behind her voice, yet the song didn't motivate me as much as others, however this is still an epic Bond song in it's own right. A haunting melody that fans of Bond will remember as a classic Bond Theme.

7) Paul McCartney and Wings for their song "Live And Let Die" for the 1973 film "Live And Let Die" . this is a good example of a good "fist-bump" theme song. The orchestra in it is phenomenal. Well done to them on having this under their belts.

6) LuLu "The Man With The Golden Gun" for the 1974 film "The Man With The Golden Gun" This may not be the most famous Bond song but anyone who has watched the movies has heard this song, and it is awfully catchy too. Well done her!

5) Shirley Bassey and her song "Goldfinger" for the 1964 movie "Goldfinger" This is the very example of a "haunting " song . The lyrics to this go hand in hand with anyone trying to convey Bond in what ever capacity.

4) Shirley Bassey again this time it is her song "Diamonds Are Forever" for the 1971 movie " Diamonds Are Forever" This is definitely what most people thing of when they hear this song. It is almost married to this flick, due to infamey . A damn good show from The Goddess of soul herself, we salute you Dame Shirley Bassey.

3) Tina Turner and her song "Golden Eye" for the 1995 movie "Golden Eye". The passion and the soul Tina Turner manages to get into this song gives it that Bond feel to it. A sultry siren who's beautiful notes remind you of a phenomenal song.

2) Nancy Sinatra held her own with her offering of " You Only Live Twice" for the 1967 movie " You Only Live Twice". Her sultry tones helped lift the adrenaline in the room with her brassy notes and wonderful tone.

And the coveted Number 1 spot goes to....

1) Chris Cornell and his song "You Know My Name " for the 2006 film "Casino Royale". This has everything I expect from a Bond Theme. It is powerful, has a beautiful melody, awesome lyrics and is generally an awesome way to welcome Daniel Craig as the new Bond.

Dunn da dunn da
Dunn da dunn da

Every person with an opinion has an idea of their perfect top 10 Bond Song's.

For example a friend of mine, who goes by the title Corn Wolf , ranks his this way.

10) Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simons

9) The World Is Not Enough by Garbage

8) Skyfall by Adele

7) The Living Daylights by A-Ha

6) Tomorrow Never Dies by Sheryl Crow

5) A View To A Kill by Duran Duran

4) You Know My Name by Chris Cornell

3) Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey

2) Golden Eye by Tina Turner

1) Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey.

However every opinion is right , as it is all personal taste. Feel free to leave me a comment on your ultimate Bond song or even your ultimate Bond?

Bond, James Bond!
Bond, James Bond!

For now people -bye!!


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