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I love the Harry Potter movies.
Natalie Michelle Wright
  • She never stopped having a crush on him, even while he had a crush on Cho.
  • She gets crazy when he's close to her
  • He was jealous when he saw that she was in a relationship with Dean Thomas.
  • She comforts him
  • She never forgets about him.
  • They have an amazing ship name.... Harry+Ginny=Hinny
  • She's Ron's little sister
  • He stands up for her
  • He wants them to have more time together
  • He's surprised at what she can do
  • He thinks she did a fantastic job on her Patronus Charm
  • She's a Weasley
  • She was jealous when she saw Harry's feelings for Cho.
  • She follows him
  • Her reaction when he's dead.
  • There's a love triangle with Ginny, she was in a relationship with Dean while she had a crush on Harry.
  • They resemble Harry's parents
  • The way they hug each other
  • She writes about him
  • The way they share a kiss.

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