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I'm a London based film and TV critic who just wants a Dredd sequel

Out of the pile of drokk that passed for the summer movie season this year, I managed to miss watching Pitch Perfect 2. Not out of any malicious reason you understand, I simply had better films to watch. However, now i'm beginning to wonder if I haven't made a massive mistake in doing so.

Because somehow, this film series has managed to pretty much kill of Pacific Rim 2: Rim Harder.

And the answer is simple. Money.

Despite being an amazingly awesomely dumb/ dumbly awesome action film (and one of the few original blockbusters that has come out in the last few years) Pacific Rim managed to make 411 million dollars on a 190 million dollar budget.

However, Pitch Perfect 2 managed to make 285.2 million on a 29 million dollar budget. It's become the most profitable musical comedy film of all time.

And when faced with those kind of profit margins, its kind of hard to disagree.

Also against Pacific Rim 2, is the fact that there's quite a few giant monster movies coming out in the near future. There's Skull Island or Kong Begins, a Godzilla sequel. And even rumors that they will fight against each other in the not too distant future. Now, Pacific Rim 2, isn't dead per-se, it's still meant to be moving forward, just at a slower pace but I think it might be time to start wondering if it will join Serenity and Dredd in the list of 'great films that will never get a sequel.


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