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Well after much delay I am finally getting to write my second day of the ! Yay for writing but boo for being sick. But here goes nothin.

So my first thought when thinking of a cult classic for day 2 of the challenge my mind immediately went to Rocky Horror Picture Show because I am slightly obsessed with it (see my Rocky Horror reboot fan-casting here!).

For the sake of writing something different I went to the all-powerful Google machine to find a cult film to write about. I had a...

...moment when I realized Mean Girls is definitely a cult classic! The now 11 year old movie is a staple in every teenagers movie arsenal. Beyond the fact that it is extremely hilarious, it puts into perspective the jungle that is high school.

Notable moments include this gem of a scene...

... which has inspired awesome memes such as this one

And just in case you didn't already know, October 3rd has been designated Mean Girls Day so feel free to wear pink to celebrate the event every year (even if it isn't Wednesday)!

At this point I feel that there are very few people who haven't seen this awesome movie. I have to admit I was probably way too young to see this when it first came out (I was 10 at the time) but I laugh just as hard now as I did then!


Have you seen Mean Girls?


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