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So, I got to see The Walk yesterday on IMAX 3D and this is one visually amazing movie. I liked it.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is great ( fake French accent and all) as Philippe Petit, who in 1974 walked across the Twin Towers in NYC on a wire.

I have nothing but respect for all the performers who can do these kinds of stunts. I've been lucky enough to see in person Nik Wallenda walk a wire over the Atlantic City NJ Boardwalk/Beach and it was amazing! Plus Youtube is full of those videos of guys( and gals) with GoPros climbing very tall buildings, putting their lives at risk. For those that can do it, I'm sure it must be SUPER THRILLING! I'm the type who is very scared of heights so I can't do that and don't really understand those that do!

The movie gives us the back story of Philippe Petit pretty quickly and effectively. From a young boy watching the High Wire acts at the Circus who becomes so enthralled that he practices doing it at home to living in Paris as a young street performer with the dream of being a high wire artist.

It's in Paris he meets Annie , his girlfriend, a fellow street singer and Papa Rudy, the owner of the traveling circus who gives advice and teaches him how to be a High Wire Artist.

It's also in Paris where, in a dentist's office, he see a magazine with pictures of the almost completed Twin Towers and his dream is formed to walk across the Towers on a High Wire.

He and Annie move to NYC and assemble a crew of "Accomplices" and set out to make the dream happen!

The last 40 mins of the movie , which you need to see on IMAX if you can, is Absolutely Visually Stunning and a Masterpiece of filmmaking and it's why IMAX was invented!

Don't think it's really a spoiler to reveal the Walk happens and you need to see it!

In 2015 , you can't think of the Twin Towers without thinkinjg of 9/11! Living in NJ, I suffered through 9/11 like everyone else and personally knew people who died that day in the Towers! I still can't believe that those 2 buildings which I've seen every since I was a kid traveling with my parents into NYC and later on, got to visit myself many times for free concerts in the Plaza there, the last being July of 2001!

The Lighthearted tone of love of the Twin Towers is just right for this type of movie! And the views on the IMAX scene of my favorite city, New York City is beyond amazing and breathtaking! They did a great job shooting this movie! So, GO SEE IT!


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