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It may be hard to believe but back in 1998 few people knew who Will Ferrell was, and if they did it was only because of his newcomer role on Saturday Night Live. With the decline in popularity of the show, Ferrell was part of the "New Age" cast that re-invented the show and made it popular again! He was a regular cast member from 1995-2002.

While he was on SNL Ferrell played dozens of iconic characters, one of which got him his first lead in a film: Night at the Roxbury! The original SNL skits were about the two obnoxious brothers (played by Ferrell and Chris Kattan) who were obsessed with clubbing and hitting on beautiful women that were well out of their league. The original skit with Jim Carrey playing a third club hopper became an instant hit and received a few SNL sequel skits all with other celebrity guests including: Pamela Anderson, Sylvestor Stallone, Tom Hanks, Martin Short and Cameron Diaz. Each time the brothers were featured with their trademark rayon suits and head banging to "What is Love". These skits spun the 1999 comedy Night at the Roxbury starring both Ferrell and Kattan as well as fellow SNL castmate Molly Shannon.

Chris Kattan, Jim Carrey and Will Farrell SNL
Chris Kattan, Jim Carrey and Will Farrell SNL

The movie itself is hilarious. It follows the brothers, Steve and Doug, as they attempt to pick up gorgeous women from clubs with the most ridiculous pick up lines. Eventually their father puts down his foot and decides to parent them because they are spoiled adult-sized children. Ferrell's character Steve rises to the occasion and even agrees to a sham marriage of convenience with Shannon's character. Kattan's character Doug refuses to do what their father asks and tries to make it on his own. The comedy follows the brothers learning they need each other and that they need to follow their own dreams.

It's one of my guilty pleasure movies because in every way it's over the top, campy and extremely ridiculous but Ferrell, Kattan and Shannon play their characters amazingly and you can't help but fall in love with them! Plus the soundtrack to this movie can't be beat! I definitely recommend it, it will definitely surprise you! It's even currently on Netflix! Check it out!


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