ByCaleb Rodgers, writer at
One night I was having a reoccuring nightmare. The nightmare is that I'm running in the woods and constantly looking over my shoulder in fear. I can feel that fear. I wake up at the 3:15 on the dot. Exact time as all the other occurrences. Only except this time I can't move. I hear whispering and scrapes under my bed. I shift my eyes around the room, in absolute terror. A man with a hat is in the corner and he begins to walk toward my bed. His steps are choppy and his hands are in his pockets. With each step he gets taller and more slender. Just when I try to scream he disappears. I begin to feel relief as I think it is just my imagination. It is at this moment where he emerges from the foot of my bed and says "I am your greatest fear. I am your worst enemy. I am YOU." he then puts his hat on my chest and the weight becomes heavier with every second it remains perched on my chest. He sits on my nightstand and I feel him stealing my air. His hand is in my both my nose and mouth. I can no longer breathe or shift my eyes. I say a quick prayer in my mind to repent all my sins to god. I hear the man say "I'm not ready to leave yet." almost as if he is arguing with something or someone. He pushes downward on my face to stand up. he then lifts his hat. Puts his blank face (he had my face. No facial features at all) and says "I'll be back. Count on it." in a slow raspy deep voice. He then opens the door without moving his hands and stops in the doorway and turns to look at me. The door slams and at this time is when I can finally move and breathe again. This was the scariest moment of my life. Therapy has yet to help and church has lost its touch. I'm in fear for my life as this could be my last cry for help.. Someone please help me.. Oh god please..

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