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It should not be at all surprising that MacGyver has found a way to engineer a way back onto television screens. The iconic show has managed to stay in the pop culture zeitgeist, without a sequel to the show, a saturday morning cartoon, or a big screen adaptation, to keep it fresh. The concept of a man who can create any contraption, out of anything, in order to get out of any life-threatening scenario, has never lost its appeal. MacGyver has become bigger than the show, he is more akin to an urban legend.

The original series ran for seven seasons, from 1985-1992, with Richard Dean Anderson in the iconic role. There were a couple of forgetable TV movies in 1994, however, it has taken over 20 years to get a full reboot off of the ground. This time there is a white-hot director getting the wheels turning and it looks as if we will finally be getting a MacGyver for a new generation. The new show will feature Angus MacGyver about ten years prior to the original series. Which makes it sound like it is functionally a prequel, although it probably will be set in the present. The series is said to focus on how the younger MacGyver acquires his legendary skills for engineering something out of nothing.

James Wan is sheparding the new show, along with original producer Henry Winkler (Yes, the Fonz produced MacGyver). Wan is one of the hottest filmmakers on the planet after his successes with both The Conjuring and Saw, as well as the billion dollar blockbuster, Furious 7. He had previously been working on a big screen take on the property, but that fell through and with movies such as Robotech and Aquaman on his slate, it's clear he has bigger fish to fry. Simply having Wan in a producing capacity is an incredible development for the show - which Deadline speculates will end up on CBS. Who is eventually hired as the showrunner and cast as the new MacGyver, should signal a lot about the direction of the series. We will be here to bring you the latest.

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