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Tonight was the season finale of the AMC show, and "The Walking Dead" prequel, "Fear the Walking Dead". And after the finale was a special episode of "Talking Dead". "Talking Dead" is the show where Chris Hardwick, celebrities, and some who work on the Walking Dead shows talk about the most recent episode of the show.

Tonight's episode had Chris Hardwick (the host of "Talking Dead") talk with Cliff Curtis (who plays Travis), Kim Dickens (who plays Madison), and Dave Erickson (the co-creator of "Fear The Walking Dead") and discussed the season finale of the show. As usual for "Talking Dead" the 4 talked about the events of the episode, behind the scenes, and possibly what could happen next. And during tonight's after show, Erickson brought up how the character, Madison's (played by Kim Dickens) hometown has not been brought up yet when Madison's southern accent was mentioned. Erickson said how he was surprised that no one has talked about how Madison has a southern accent since the show takes place in Los Angeles, California. They then joke because fans usually do come up with theories for shows (even "The Walking Dead") and how maybe she could be related to Rick Grimes.

And that theory could be possible. Since the spinoff takes place right when the zombie apocalypse began and before the events of "The Walking Dead", the characters could appear in the show depending on what happens in season 2 and beyond. Many years have passed in "The Walking Dead" since Rick woke up, and who knows how long the walkers have been around before Rick woke up.

Now that the first season of "Fear The Walking Dead" is over, I found it to be pretty decent. It started off slow since this is how all the madness started, but I think it got better and I will definitely watch season 2.

So is Madison related to Rick? Will these new characters ever appear on "The Walking Dead"? What will happen to them now? We won't know until season 2 next year, but at least "The Walking Dead" returns next week for season 6.


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