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It is arguably the most famous bikini in movie history, while I suspect it also played a major part in the stirring of strange feelings within 1980s adolescents.

I am, of course, talking about the famous Slave Leia bikini - a revealing costume from Return of the Jedi which quickly found a place of 'honor' in Star Wars history.

Leia's slave attire is a fan favorite on the cosplay and convention circuit, however if you have stacks of cash at your disposal you could have actually gotten your hands on the real thing. At a recent auction of movie memorabilia, the Slave Leia bikini (plus chains) managed to fetch $96,000. The buyer, as you'd expect, wished to remain anonymous. You can watch the bikini in action in the clip below:

Personally, considering the sheer fame of this movie costume, $96,000 actually seems rather cheap, especially compared to what some other Star Wars props and items have made in the past. In fact, at the same Profiles of History auction, a miniature of the Tantive IV Blockade Runner from A New Hope sold for a whopping $450,000. This, as far as I can tell, places the Blockade Runner miniature as the second most expensive Star Wars item ever sold in a public auction, and the most expensive prop. Here, for your pleasure is the Top 5:

5. Luke Skywalker's Episode IV Lightsaber - $200,600

Luke's first ever lightsaber - which he was given to him by Obi Wan Kenobi in A New Hope - is apparently worth about twice as much as Leia's bikini, going for $200,600 in 2008.

4. Hoth Snowtrooper Helmet - $276,750

Stormtrooper costumes are also an iconic collectors' favorite. However, whereas normal Stormtrooper helmets are relatively plentiful, there is only one known Snowtrooper helmet to ever make it to market. It was sold for $276,750 in July 2012.

3. Miniature Episode IV TIE Fighter - $402,500

This veteran from the Battle of Yavin was the original holder of the 'Most Amount of Money Ever Paid for Star Wars Film Prop' record, until the arrival of the above mentioned Blockade Runner. The miniature was featured in the final battle on the Death Star, and is actually the TIE Fighter which collides with Darth Vader's ship - forcing him to abandon the battle.

2. Tantive IV Blockade Runner Miniature - $450,000

As mentioned above, the Blockade Runner from Episode IV now holds the title of most expensive Star Wars prop. It's major price tag can most likely be attributed to the fact it is the first thing we saw in the first Star Wars movie. Relive that scene below:

1. George Lucas' Episode VI Panavision Camera - $625,000

Although not technically a prop, the most expensive piece of Star Wars memorabilia to ever make it to auction is a Panavision PSR 35mm camera used by George Lucas on the first Star Wars movie. Although originally listed at $200,000, a bidding war ensued and eventually inflated the price to over half a million.

Source: CNN


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